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Why is the Free Dental Clinic Needed?
Alabama is the sixth poorest state in America. The poverty level in Madison county is 13.9% of the population or about 45,000 people. This population is largely undereducated, working paycheck to paycheck with no money left for dental care, elderly on fixed incomes in need of dentures, but unable to afford to have teeth pulled, and some homeless veterans. All have broken, painful teeth and they can get infected gums or abscesses which are life threatening. The bacteria can go to the heart and brain and in some cases precipitate a heart attack or stroke. The volunteer dentists can pull the teeth to relieve the pain and give antibiotics for infections all free to the patients. Since 2013, when the clinic opened over 3,400 people have been helped as of March 2016. We are changing lives and transforming the health of those unable to afford urgent dental care.

Who We Are:
The Community Free Dental Clinic(DBA) The Free Dental Clinic is a 501© 3 non-profit. Funding comes from individuals, local businesses, grants, and churches. In addition to monetary donations we receive office supplies, tooth brushes, and tooth paste and dental supplies.

What We Do:
Our mission is to provide quality free dental care and education to low income, uninsured adult residents of Madison County. This mission is accomplished by licensed, volunteer dentists from the local community, licensed nurses who evaluate and help educate the patients in their care, chairside assistants who assist the dentists and the office staff who register the patients and make appoints. We do extractions only and a limited number of cleanings. Patients must call for an appointment to register. We do not take walk-ins.

Clinic Benefits:

  • We serve low income individuals in dental crisis with broken, painful teeth, and those who have abscesses in need of antibiotics. In the past, the hospital emergency room was their access to care for the infection but not to get the tooth pulled the source of the problem.
  • We maximize collaboration with local organizations to improve oral health and physical wellbeing in the community.
  • During the evaluation by the nurses the patients are encouraged concerning medication compliance, smoking cessation, make referrals for medical, financial, psychological, and food assistance. Diabetics and those with high blood pressure are educated concerning their health conditions through information both verbally and printed.
  • The Free Dental Clinic provides a learning/mentoring environment for students at local universities including nursing and pre-dental students. The UAB Dental School brings newly licensed dentists to improve their skills.

Who Qualifies as a Patient?

  • Adult, 19 years or older
  • Picture ID
  • Resident of Madison County
  • Low income – less than 150% of the poverty level (call us for amounts)

For More Information:
Phone: 256-489-1853
Address: 2341 Whitesburg Dr.
Website: www.hsvfreedental.org
Email: [email protected]
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Executive Committee:
President: Eugenia M. Graves RN,BS,FCN 2013
Vice President: Gayla Kidd
Treasure : L. Alan Jones DMD, Retired 2013

Development Committee:
Kenneth Anderson
Brandy Brannon Smith

Governance/Nominating Committee:
Matthew Winstead, CDT
Louis Durnya

Finance Committee:
L. Alan Jones, DMD

Clinical Operations Committee:
Dr. Lindalee Clayton , Medical Director
Virginia H. Finzel, Clinic Director
Bill Frayne, Office Volunteer Coordinator
Rose J. Steele
Dr. Otha Solomon

CFDC Board Members:
Kenneth Anderson 2013
William Frayne 2013
Eugenia M. Graves RN,BS,FCN 2013
Dr. Alan Jones DMD 2013
Gayla Kidd 2013
Dr. James S. Wall 2013
Matthew Winstead, CDT 2013
Alicia Weeksl 2014
Louis R. Durnya 2014
Dr. Michael Knight 2015
Brandy Brannon Smith 2015
Dr. Otha Solomon 2015
Fallon Cornett 2016
Charlie McCary 2016

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