The Free Dental Clinic (FDC) opened its doors March 2013 and what a community response we have encountered! The original concept, brought to life by forward thinking civic leaders, volunteers, and health professionals of Huntsville and Madison County, was designed to close the gap for underserved and low income Madison County residents who were in a dental crisis. The response for service tripled beyond projection and now FDC has great need for funding to continue this much needed program.

To date, over 2,000 county residents have been evaluated and treated with over 6,000 diseased teeth removed. The impact of the program is not limited to tooth extractions. Assessments by professional dental staff and registered nurses have also included biopsies of mouth tumors and referrals to emergency departments. The FDC provides an improvement to the quality of life for these underserved members of our community. Although many referrals to FDC are from pervious patients, FDC also receives referrals from the Community Free Clinic, Huntsville and Crestwood hospitals, Madison County Medicaid office, Huntsville Assistance Program (HAP), the New Hope Care Center, the Clearview Cancer Institute, and other local charities.

FDC is the only organization in Madison County providing dental services to adults with low income and no dental insurance, unless the adult has mental or physical handicaps. Medicaid does not provide dental care for adults, nor does Medicare or the Affordable Care Act. The FDC has proven its impact in Madison County and desires to expand its program. Recently the FDC has moved to a larger location and has completed the renovation of the building. This will provide FDC with over 3,000 square feet, including five operatories.