Who qualifies for CFDC dental services?

  • Any adult 19 years and older
  • Resident of Madison County
  • Income less than 150% of the national poverty level – View Poverty Guidelines
  • No dental insurance

Who is the “usual registrant”?
Potential patients come from all walks of life. Many are underemployed, working in the service industry such as restaurants, retail stores, or construction. Others are elderly or veterans living off Medicare. And others are simply indigent with no home to call their own. Neither Medicare, Medicaid, nor the Affordable Care Act provide dental coverage and people in financial hardship do not choose to buy dental coverage on their own. These are the people who endure tooth pain until it pushes them to a hospital emergency room. There, they will receive prescriptions for antibiotics (if an obvious infection is present) and/or pain medications but they will not receive treatment for the cause of the problem.

Who provides the dental services?
CFDC has over 40 local dentists who volunteer their services. These compassionate individuals are both licensed and competent and all have their own thriving practices (or have recently retired but remain licensed). Their chairside assistants are trained dental assistants or dental hygienists who also devote their spare time to the cause.

What dental services does CFDC provide?
Initially, CFDC performs a consult based on both oral and x-ray exam by the dentist. If warranted, prescriptions for antibiotics and/or pain control are given. At present, tooth extraction is the only dental treatment available. CFDC hopes to expand dental services to include preventive care.

What other benefits/services does CFDC provide?
CFDC believes a collaborative approach to community health is essential for both oral and physical well-being. CFDC utilizes registered nurses who evaluate each new registrant prior to each consult or treatment. During this evaluation, the RN promotes smoking cessation, encourages medication compliance, provides referrals for medical, financial, psychological, and food assistance. Because the population CFDC is generally medically underserved, the RN often discovers highly elevated blood pressure or blood sugar and motivates the patient to seek follow-up care. On occasion, the RN has ensured a patient with potentially life-threatening symptoms has emergency care.

CFDC also provides a learning/mentoring environment for students at local universities The University of Alabama and. Calhoun Community College nursing students discover the challenges of community nursing. Newly licensed dentists from University of Alabama School of Dentistry improve their skills. Pre-dental students and dental assistant students from other schools explore the world of community dentistry.

The Community Free Dental Clinic is the only organization providing dental services to adults living in poverty in Madison County. We have treated over 2,800 patients and we know that we have truly impacted their lives. Our clinic is now open 90 hours per month and we are working toward further expanding our hours and services. Due to the overwhelming need from our patients, we are only able to do tooth extractions at this time.

Please consider supporting the Community Free Dental Clinic.

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